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Rain Guard: Award Winning Engineering Project

The ad-hoc nature of rains poses a serious challenge in our everyday lives, right from preventing the clothes from getting wet to saving precious harvest from drenching. Our innovation addresses this challenge by automatically detecting the downpour and providing a waterproof housing for the object of interest.

Construction: 2 pairs of shaft, A pair of spur gears, Ball Bearings, Guiding frame, Waterproof Sheet (Rexine), 12 V Stepper Motor, Rain sensor, Touch Sensor, Conducting Material (Copper), 12 V H Bridge, Arduino Micro controller, 12 V Battery and Support Structures.

Working Principle: When the rain water falls on the rain sensor, the micro controller detects it and initiate closing of the housing by activating the motor. The motor is programmed to rotate at a particular speed and duration. The motor drives the gear mechanism, which in turn drives both the shafts. Respective shafts are subjected to clockwise and anticlockwise rotation resulting in closing the shutter. When the rain sensor dries, same principle works in opposite direction to open the shutter.

The goal of this innovation is to protect the assets such as clothes, agricultural harvests, food products etc, from drenching which are left open to dry.

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