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Children Vedic Maths Lessons

A glimpse of Vedic Mathematics

Adi Shankaracharya, defines vedas as the fountain head and illimitable store-house of knowledge.

This implies that the vedas should contain within themselves all the knowledge needed by the mankind relating not just to spiritual matters but also to those usually referred to as “secular” or “worldly”. It must also be containing elements related to the needs of humanity for achieving all-round success in all conceivable directions and that there can be no adjectival or restrictive epithet tending to limit that knowledge down in any sphere and direction or any respect whatsoever. 

Vedic Mathematics is a name given to an ancient system of calculation which was rediscovered from the vedas. Vedic Maths helps anyone to carry out computations much faster. It consists of 16 sutras (formulas) and 13 sub-sutras (sub formulas) that can be used for solving mathematical problems in a simpler manner.

It was rediscovered by an indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri. Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji. The word Veda itself means “knowledge”. It is found that vedic mathematical methods are 1700% faster than the normal maths that is practiced today. Learning these simple methods, eradicates the fear of maths, sharpens the mind and helps increase the mental ability and intelligence. The speed and accuracy that vedic maths brings, boosts the self-confidence of the learner.

Having access to these faster and accurate calculation methods helps the students while taking competitive examinations such as CAT, GRE, Banking among others. 

In this section of “Pride of Bharath”, we aspire to bring these techniques mainly to student community and to any seeker of mathematical knowledge.

Watch this section to learn and practice various techniques of vedic mathematics.

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