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Who was the one killed mercilessly , unarmed inside kurukshetra’s chakravyuh?
Abhimanyu was the son of the Pandava Arjuna and Subhadra, the sister of Sri Krishna and Balarama .
When Abhimanyu was just a small boy ,the Pandavas were defeated in a game of dice by their envious cousins, the Kauravas and exiled . Abhimanyu and Subhadra stayed in Dwaraka. He learnt the art of using weapons from Sri Krishna and Balarama. Sri Krishna taught him to break into the Chakravyuha , a military formation .
Abhimanyu had also learnt archery from his father .
After the exile , the Kurukshetra war broke . Abhimanyu fought bravely. His skill was admired by all . On some occasions , he also defeated Bhishma and Drona . Abhimanyu fought for thirteen days .
On the thirteenth day , Drona formed the Chakravyuha . On the instruction of his uncles , he went inside . But the Pandavas were stopped by Jayadhratha , the Sindhu king . Abhimanyu fought many great warriors single handed . His bow was broken . Picking up his sword , jumping from place to place place ,wrecked havoc . His sword also broke .
Picking his chariot wheel , he protected himself from arrows . Soon ,it was shattered .Dushyashana’s son struck Abhimanyu’s head with a mace .
This was the end of Abhimanyu’s short but glorious life . He reached the abode of the brave .

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Suyagnya Simha

Suyagnya is a budding author with immense interest in Indian culture and heritage. He has read most books on Ramayana, Mahabharata, mythological books and can speak about any mythological event. He is a seventh grade student with Acharya Vidya Kula, Mysore

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  1. Very nicely narrated in a very lucid style. Suyagnya Simha is surely a budding writer. Glad to know that he has already read most books on our past glory. Special appreciation to the Editorial team to encourage the talent in the children.
    Wish more and more children use this forum
    Best wishes to Abhignya and Suyagnya who have made a beginning. Looking forward more such young talents. Parents should took lead in motivating their children towards positive thinking. Kudos to both the budding talents whose writings have now become visible globally

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