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Arogya Vidha – Introduction

Begin Yoga with Invocation of the Sat/Good

Always begin your practice with “Om” followed by loosening practices.

Tune into Pradyumna J S chanting and explaining the “Om” Kaars

Followed by the stothra from Sage Patanjali :

Yogena cittasya padena vacam

Malam sarirasya ca vaidyakena

Yopakarottam pravaram muninam 

Patanjalim pranjaliranato’smi

Aadya Raghunath chanting Yogena Chittasya

Loosening Practices & Starting Poses

These loosening practices in Yogasana are termed as Shithila vyayama. The Sanskrit word Shithila means Loosen or Fragile. These are rapid & repetitive movement of limbs, joints & spine. The idea is to loosen & flex the body parts, remove lethargy, strengthen spine, joints & Muscles of the body.

Shithila vyayama 

These preparatory practices before Asana, helps to eliminate energy blockages & stiffness in the body. These are of 2 types  Sukshma Vyayama & Shithilikarana Vyayama.

Sukshma Vyayama

Sukshma Vyayama is the slow, repetitive, rhythmic & circular movements of joints & limbs. Sukshma Vyayama includes movements of Neck, shoulder joint, Elbow, Wrist, finger joints, waist, Knee, ankle & toes respectively in Clock wise & Anti clock wise direction. This is always coordinated with breathing to make it more effective. 

Procedure – inhale & turn your neck in clockwise direction (right to left) & after completing half the circle exhale as you move your head towards the center. It has to be Repeated 5 times & the same procedure is fallowed in anti-clockwise direction (from left to right) 5 times.

Same method should be fallowed for all the joints of the body.

Shithilikarana Vyayama

Shithilikarana Vyayama is the rapid movement, twisting & turning of body parts. These include slow jogging (upward, backward & sideward), bending (Forward, Backward & Sideward) & twisting of spine & waist.

Jogging (upward, backward & sideward)

Stand erect, legs to be placed 1 foot apart. Place your thumb on the root of your little finger & close all other fingers. Keep the clasped hand on the chest. Slowly stand on your toes & start jogging. 

After 10 counts, start jogging forward. As you jog push your knee up & try to touch the chest. Repeat for 20 counts.

Now start jogging backward- I.e. start pushing your knee back ward while jogging so that your heel can touch the buttocks. Continue for 20 counts.

3rd step is to jog sideways- I,e, as you jog, start turning your knee side ward, so that your left knee goes towards left & right knee towards right  when you lift it off the ground. Continue for 20 counts.

Come back to normal jogging mode, continue for 10 counts & stop.

Jogging should always be followed by Mukha Dhouti (Mukha – Face, Dhouti – Cleansing) which helps to relive the strain & brings the rhythm of breathing back to normalcy.

 Stand erect, slowly bend your spine forward & keep your palm on respective knees. Relax, inhale through your nose & exhale forcibly (blast out the breath) through mouth. Repeat 3 to 4 times.

Below are the important points to keep in mind while doing Jogging:-

  1. should be done in a slow & steady pace
  2. one should not exert enormous pressure on any part of the body 
  3. Should always breath from nose unless told otherwise

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