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Navavidha Bhakti

Relevance of Navavidha Bhakti to Navarathri festivities Srimad Bhaghavatha states that there are nine different ways of showing our devotion to the supreme Lord. They are summarized in the following sanskrit verse as given below श्रवणं कीर्तनं विष्णोः स्मरणं पादसेवनम् ।अर्चनं वन्दनं दास्यं सख्यमात्मनिवेदनम् ॥ We need to develop these different ways of devotion throughout our […]

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Draupadi at Rajasuya Yajna

Draupadi was the princess of Kampilya (Panchala). She was the sister of princess Shikandini prince Drishtadyumna. Shikandini was a girl at birth and then turned into a boy by adulthood. Drupadha, the king of Kampilya(Panchala) performed a Yajna called as Putrakameshti to have powerful son. During that yajna, Drishtadyumna and Draupadi were born. Draupadi didn’t […]

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CHITTARA – Karnataka’s Folk Art

Chittara – is the folk art that emerged from indigenous cultures of the nature worshipping Devaru community settled around Sagara in Shimoga District of Karnataka. This art consists of intricate patterns symbolizing auspicious ceremonies and rituals of life. The above painting represents the ‘marriage ceremony’ through the complex geometric patterns. The real concept of this […]