Lakshmi N Simhan is an ex banker, post opting from the service, she is actively involved in her favourite hobby : writing. In her words: "Why do I write, you may wonder. I find this the best medium to translate my thoughts, feelings, observations and expressions & experiences and the great cultural heritage; inherited from my loving parents, to something fathomable by everyone and appreciate the beauty and intensity of the smallest (so perceived) disregarded thought, enabling me and the readers to introspect. I realised I was better able to tutor myself once I started to pen my voices down and walking through it over and over again. Hope to be of interest and relevance to you all. Read on! "
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The Saviour and The Magnificent Representative

A bouquet of verses from our ancient scripture Yajuraaranyaka (Aadithyopaasana mantras viz Mantras to worship Sun God ) that I had heard from my revered Father several times ignited curiosity in me. And this article is the result of the formidable interest I have in those verses and their implied meanings! A few lines from […]


Backbone (ಆಧಾರ ಸ್ತಂಭ /आधार स्तम्भ) Part 2

In part 1, we saw how Marshi Dadhichi stored all the powerful weapons in his backbone having dissolved in water and also his great sacrifice. Now, let us do a reality check and think if such “lokateeta” state (extra mundane state) is  possible. Take for instance, camel, one of the common animals found in the […]

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Backbone (ಆಧಾರ ಸ್ತಂಭ आधार स्तम्भ) Part 1

In our routine dialect we often use the word aadhara stambha (ಆಧಾರ ಸ್ತಂಭ /आधार स्तम्भ meaning pillar, anchor, base or mainstay) as an adjective to signify the importance of a person. It means that they are the chief support of a system or organisation or strength of character and without them, the organisation would crumble. In English, the word […]

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Ahalyaa – The Mahabhaga part – 1

Analyzing the incident through a different lens The Background In the Hindu Cultural Heritage, the importance of women in general and the chaste women in particular is placed at the highest level. It has been a custom to recite the names of the chestiest five (Panchakanyas), during every holy ritual. It is believed that, the […]

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The Untouchables!!

Who are the untouchables?? Over the centuries ,there have been many debates, interpretations, conflicts about touchable and the Untouchables; However, decisions and rituals observed never attempted to arrive at a consensus to mitigate change in some one’s distressing situation. This write-up is on the current situation ,which is trying to bring the entire humanity under […]