A Bharathanatyam artiste also trained in music, yoga, nattuvangam & allied fields. Presently serving as the Founder Director of NIDAM ( National institute of dance, art & music) with over 25 yrs of experience as a performing artiste, choreographer & art educator. Have done my masters in microbiology, Masters in performing arts & currently pursuing an entrepreneur & leadership programme from IIM - kolkata
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Navavidha bhakti comprises the nine ways to express devotion or develop devotion for God or the higher Self. Mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, the “Srimad-Bhagavata” and the “Vishnu Purana,” navavidha bhakti is also described as the devotional paths that lead to moksha, or liberation.The term comes from the Sanskrit, navavidha, meaning “nine-fold” or “consisting of nine parts,” and bhakti, meaning […]

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Andal as Universal “Nayika” of Natyashastra

Bharatamuni in Natyashastra, has given a unique classification of the Nayikas or heroines based on their age, basic character, personality, and relationship with lover and various stages of love. Andal’s femininity is generally recognized when she is viewed as the Nayika or the heroine of a kavya-like text from the perspective of traditional Indian aesthetics. However, this […]

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Andal – Embodiment of Bhakti, Sringara and Feminism

The month of Margasiram otherwise cherished as Maargazhi, is the Tamil month of religious austerities and devotional singing. It corresponds to the December -January period culminating in the harvest festival of “Pongal”. Maargazhi Thingal is hallowed all over the Tamil Nadu in India, as the most appropriate time in the year when people, old and […]

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Nava Dhanya – 9 in hinduism

 Navadhanyam is a rich source of Vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates that support healthy digestion and enhances immunity. Worshipping Gods and Goddesses with offerings is a common ritual in Hinduism, as food is considered as Bramham, or supreme. One such inevitable part of Hindu pujas and rituals, Navadhanyam (nine sacred grains) is offered to […]

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NAVA – RASA in Dance Forms

The nine basic moods are described in Nātyasāstra by Bharata Muni. Since our classical arts originated from the Hindu religion, each rasa or mood denoted a particular emotion and was bestowed with a particular colour with a particular deity presiding over it. These nine moods or ‘navarasa’ came to be associated with artistic expression in […]

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Nava and Navaratri Part – 3

Significance of number 9 in Indian Culture. Nava-patrika (नव पत्रिका)  The 9 leaves, herbs  plants thatcorrespond to one of the nine Durgas (Navadurga):rambha the banana stem, the jute plant,turmeric, jayanti, vilva or wood apple fruits, dalim orpomegranate, asoka, manaka or arum and dhanyamor rice paddy is used in Bengal during Durga Puja. Read the Nava and […]

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Nava And Navarathri – Part 2

Nine in Hinduism Nava, also meaning ‘new’ is ‘nine’ the number to which sages attach special significance.The number nine is accurate, complete, magical and mystical in nature and this is accepted in mathematics or science or any religion of the world. It is the ultimate manifestation of infinity from the null or void.Nine is considered […]

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       NAMASKARAM –THE ANJALI MUDRA There could have been no better time than the current pandemic situation to stress upon the importance & significance of the most popular & widely accepted Mudra – Namaskaram/Namaste/Namaskar (also called the Anjali Mudra in Dance). Since Namaste is a non-contact form of greeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested using the […]