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Celebrating a Legend – Shri Piteelu T. Chowdiah

1 Jan 2021, while whole world was celebrating the new year, the Carnatic music fraternity was busy celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of Sangeetha Ratna Shri T Chowdiah. An obedient student, a virtuoso musician, an innovator, a rebel and a kind human are few of the adjectives attributed to him.  Hailing from a small village […]

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Adi – Madhya – Antya Ranga Darshanam

Cauvery, the life line of Karnataka and Tamilnadu holds many facets. Divine, Ecological and Economical. The divine river and its tributaries hold a rich agricultural belt spanning Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Farmer economy is directly linked to how richly she flows every year.  It is also home for wildlife and bird sanctuaries. A fine balance […]

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Ancient Bharata and Symmetrical Composition

A demonstration of how scientific Samskruta (Sanskrit) as a lauguage is. When I say “Symmetry” what comes to your mind? A picture that has two identical faces? Well true. Symmetrical shapes, symmetrical face and shall we say symmetrical poetry? The last word seems to grab some attention. What is this symmetrical poetry? Let us start […]

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Lens View Week 8

This is a very popular structure, the Mysore Palace.The current palace was built between 1897 and 1912 after the old palace was destroyed due to fire during a wedding. The palace is illuminated on every government holiday and weekends. During Dasara, its illuminated everyday until the end of festivities. The illumination includes lighting over 98000 […]

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Achamanam: A Simple Internal Purification Process

Santana dharma, like we all know is the way of life. For ages many rishis and munis have experienced the various dimensions of the universe with their sadhana. With these experiences they have also devised rituals that facilitate a connection of human self with the absolute self. The complexity of these rituals have a wide […]

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Knight Tour Puzzle – Acharya’s genius solution

The puzzle is very simple, on a chess board, one has to traverse the Knight through all the squares without revisiting any square. Very famously, Euler did extensive work on this topic in the 1750’s. Then, how old was this problem or puzzle? Well, must be pretty old because an Acharya solved this puzzle in […]

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Nation (राष्ट्रः) During Vedic Period

Kingdoms have existed even in the prehistoric period. When we refer to Ramayana and Mahabharata, we come across scores of kingdoms in and around the regions of today’s India. Raghuvamsha, the clan to which lord Rama belonged to, ruled with Ayodhya as capital. His mother Kausalya hailed from a kingdom called Dakshina Koshala in today’s […]