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Backbone (ಆಧಾರ ಸ್ತಂಭ /आधार स्तम्भ) Part 2

In part 1, we saw how Marshi Dadhichi stored all the powerful weapons in his backbone having dissolved in water and also his great sacrifice. Now, let us do a reality check and think if such “lokateeta” state (extra mundane state) is  possible. Take for instance, camel, one of the common animals found in the deserts. Water-the “Lifeline liquid” is the substance that is scarce in the deserts.

 A wise camel stores water in its stomach. Due to its amazing and unique body structure, it produces water from the fat in the hump of its back once It’s stored water is consumed. Now think, if an animal can store water in its back for difficult times, can’t a Maharshi, with his penance and mastery over mystical knowledge store all his energies in the form of water or otherwise, store in his backbone?

Also note another interesting fact!  Seven chakras are identified in the body that are key in managing the emotions and in yogic sadhana. The main chakra called “Mooladhara chakra” (मूलाधार चक्र​), is located in the spine. Thus the name itself establishes that it is the main chakra for everything else. The story of Maharishi Dadhichi signifies the importance of the backbone and the gravity of the word when used to emphasize its importance!  It’s very aptly said that the Farmers are the Back bone of  Economy  in any country where agriculture is the main occupation.

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इसी आश्रम में दधीचि ने दान की थीं अस्थियां, अब हो रही अवैध बिक्री The Rigveda has also described Maharishi as the destroyer of many superstitions and a leader who showed a new path. The Ashram of Dadhichi is in Naimisharanya (located at Misrikh)  in the present Sitapur District of UP. The mention of Dadhichi in Gujarat and Maharashtra regions too suggest that possibly the sage travelled widely and resided at several places in the country as he was a social reformer.

Rich tributes to the sacrifice made by the Great Maharishi Dadhichi who symbolises the notion that no sacrifice is too great in order to help defend the defenceless from evil. His sacrifice was honoured by Our Government though the Department of posts, by releasing a commemorative stamp in the name of the Great Maharishi in 1988.
PARAM VIR CHAKRA The design has four replicas of the Vajra surrounding the State emblem including the motto embossed in the centre .
It’s stated that One of the Sabarmati Ashram gates was named after the Maharishi by Mahatma Gandhi during the National Congress session in Ahmedabad.

Let’s join the call Our Former Prime Minister Late Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee has given when he recalls Dadhich’s sacrifice in his poem” Deep Jalaye” and calls for the sacrifice from us the modern Dadhichis thus:
The sacrifice pending the Yajna is incomplete
Surrounded by the obstacles born of our own kin
To remodel the Vajra of the final victory
The Dadhichi’s of today must melt their bones again.
Let’s light the lamp together again.

Late Shri. A.B Vajapayee

To sum up, the act of giving up is not easy. We, can’t even let go our ego and emotions and when it comes to part with our organs it’s just impossible to think of donating our organs for the common good. We hav many lifetime events to quote from our present environment, the latest being the media report that success in plasma therapy. This has created a demand for the blood of COVID recovered patients. Media reports that most such COVID recovered patients are weary of donating their blood. With this back ground, the instant action of the Maharishi Dadhichi to sacrifice his life for the common good is really an act beyond description by words. Renunciation and Devotion are just not intellectual; it’s beyond that and about understanding the self which instils the ultimate knowledge of detachment and being of utility to the society at large. Maharishi Dadhichi is the personification of the words Renunciation and Devotion.

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