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Blessed I am at your lotus feet

Standing tall atop the white  mist covered peak 

Like a beacon of dazzling light in our lives

Synosure of scores of your ardent devotees 

Guarding all of us like an apple of your eye

Hey Lord Gopala I salute you with total surrender

Nestled amidst the dense forests 

At the pinnacle of milky mountain range

Amongst a herd of sacred cows and cowherds

Ensconced with your royal consorts Bhama and Rukmini 

Dancing in style and pose so beautiful

Oh lord Muralidhara I salute you with utmost humility

Your entrancing smiling face 

Full of mischievous naughtiness 

Captivating the humanity with your divine  music

Flowing melodiously  beckoning all  us

Thronging at your lotus feet

Hey Lord Govinda I salute your lotus feet

Perennial stream of thousands of pilgrims

Longing to sight your majestic appearance Blessing Them with your kind benevolence 

Blessed and contented they feel with reverence 

Aspiring to be in your abode repeatedly

Oh Lord Venu Gopal humbly  I salute your sacred feet.

AV Prasanna Gopal

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