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Celebrating a Legend – Shri Piteelu T. Chowdiah

1 Jan 2021, while whole world was celebrating the new year, the Carnatic music fraternity was busy celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of Sangeetha Ratna Shri T Chowdiah. An obedient student, a virtuoso musician, an innovator, a rebel and a kind human are few of the adjectives attributed to him.  Hailing from a small village […]

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Andal as Universal “Nayika” of Natyashastra

Bharatamuni in Natyashastra, has given a unique classification of the Nayikas or heroines based on their age, basic character, personality, and relationship with lover and various stages of love. Andal’s femininity is generally recognized when she is viewed as the Nayika or the heroine of a kavya-like text from the perspective of traditional Indian aesthetics. However, this […]

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       NAMASKARAM –THE ANJALI MUDRA There could have been no better time than the current pandemic situation to stress upon the importance & significance of the most popular & widely accepted Mudra – Namaskaram/Namaste/Namaskar (also called the Anjali Mudra in Dance). Since Namaste is a non-contact form of greeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested using the […]

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The Science & Art of Communication Through Fingers In the present age “ Impressing in the first 90 seconds”, “ Speak with your mouth shut”, “ Listening to the unspoken “, jargons like this are very common . Communicating without speaking is the new norm in corporate communication and communication strategies. Non- verbal communication also […]