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Navavidha bhakti comprises the nine ways to express devotion or develop devotion for God or the higher Self. Mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, the “Srimad-Bhagavata” and the “Vishnu Purana,” navavidha bhakti is also described as the devotional paths that lead to moksha, or liberation.The term comes from the Sanskrit, navavidha, meaning “nine-fold” or “consisting of nine parts,” and bhakti, meaning […]

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Subheshaja (सुभेषज) – Ajwain or Oma Seeds

“Here, taste this, Preethi,” said Dr. Radha, thrusting a bowl into the teenager’s hands.  “My favourite snack! Oh, this ‘sev’ is so yummy, Aunty!” exclaimed Preethi munching joyfully.  “But it has a different flavour from what is available in the shop. There a slight pungent and kind of mildly bitter edge to the flavour. Why […]

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Nava Dhanya – 9 in hinduism

 Navadhanyam is a rich source of Vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates that support healthy digestion and enhances immunity. Worshipping Gods and Goddesses with offerings is a common ritual in Hinduism, as food is considered as Bramham, or supreme. One such inevitable part of Hindu pujas and rituals, Navadhanyam (nine sacred grains) is offered to […]

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NAVA – RASA in Dance Forms

The nine basic moods are described in Nātyasāstra by Bharata Muni. Since our classical arts originated from the Hindu religion, each rasa or mood denoted a particular emotion and was bestowed with a particular colour with a particular deity presiding over it. These nine moods or ‘navarasa’ came to be associated with artistic expression in […]

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Arogya Vidhaa – Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara Often termed as Sun Salutation in English, it is translated from its Sanskrit Base i.e. Surya means Shining/Sun, Namaskara means Salutation. Surya Namskara is a Vinyasa style yoga; it consists of 12 asanas that are performed in a particular sequence. Amazingly, it makes up as a comprehensive body workout technique. Although there are […]