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Andal – Embodiment of Bhakti, Sringara and Feminism

The month of Margasiram otherwise cherished as Maargazhi, is the Tamil month of religious austerities and devotional singing. It corresponds to the December -January period culminating in the harvest festival of “Pongal”. Maargazhi Thingal is hallowed all over the Tamil Nadu in India, as the most appropriate time in the year when people, old and […]

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The Saviour and The Magnificent Representative

A bouquet of verses from our ancient scripture Yajuraaranyaka (Aadithyopaasana mantras viz Mantras to worship Sun God ) that I had heard from my revered Father several times ignited curiosity in me. And this article is the result of the formidable interest I have in those verses and their implied meanings! A few lines from […]

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Ancient Bharata and Symmetrical Composition

A demonstration of how scientific Samskruta (Sanskrit) as a lauguage is. When I say “Symmetry” what comes to your mind? A picture that has two identical faces? Well true. Symmetrical shapes, symmetrical face and shall we say symmetrical poetry? The last word seems to grab some attention. What is this symmetrical poetry? Let us start […]

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Backbone (ಆಧಾರ ಸ್ತಂಭ आधार स्तम्भ) Part 1

In our routine dialect we often use the word aadhara stambha (ಆಧಾರ ಸ್ತಂಭ /आधार स्तम्भ meaning pillar, anchor, base or mainstay) as an adjective to signify the importance of a person. It means that they are the chief support of a system or organisation or strength of character and without them, the organisation would crumble. In English, the word […]

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Ahalyaa – The Mahabhaga part – 1

Analyzing the incident through a different lens The Background In the Hindu Cultural Heritage, the importance of women in general and the chaste women in particular is placed at the highest level. It has been a custom to recite the names of the chestiest five (Panchakanyas), during every holy ritual. It is believed that, the […]