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Foreword, By Dr K S Narayanacharya

“Culture” on the border of decay and decline, verging towards a mere civilization, is dangerous as it is artificial. Prof. E.M.Joad distinguishes between the two: “Culture” is more than a mere way of life. It is values foundational to people who live for a good collective goal. It is not determined by external superficial characteristics which goes as they come. It is integral to a people’s way of thinking, and mould up its external characteristics. Civilization on the other hand, is puerile and represents good system of buildup, dress, war methods, fragile longings, false glories, how you burry your dead, how you make physical progress by conquest and so on. Thus we have Roman civilization, Egyptian civilization and Greek and even modern western civilizations. Communists have neither have culture nor civilization, and stand for a time like scare crows or dead windmills. Culturally false styles of life abound among desert religions and their people. Hinduism, better known as Sanatana Dharma is on sound, firm cultural foundations. What is ‘Unmade’ (अकृतक् ), can never be unmade, as it is a natural growth of a vast section of humanity, and is perennial, as Aldous Huxley, Will Durant and many other western thinkers have argued out in volumes of praise.

May “Pride of Bharath” live and grow up to the expectations of millions of Hindus of today.

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