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Lens View 23

A bird sitting on top of a body of water

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Location : Hoskote, India

Exif : f/8, ISO:100, 1/800s

“My Perch is not your Perch”

Its always interesting to watch the Bird Behavior and they too express many emotions.

Here is an expression when a bird occupies at Perch , that was used by another for fishing. A vantage point that is most sought after at this lake. This photograph was at Hoskote lake near Bangalore with Brahminy Kites. 

Its best to get birds in flight and action with Shutter priority. It is easier to freeze a moment, however any shake will be a challenge. It is best to rest your camera on a bean bag or a stationary object or a tripod if possible.

Good Luck with your Lens Views. 

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