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Lens View Week 11

Location : Ninasam,Hoggodu, Karnataka
Exif : Shutter 1/15s, ISO 1600, f/13

Yakshagana Dancers

The Lens eye is different from a human eye.

Motion blur can give an interesting twist and visual effect to a photograph.

There are three essential elements to capture motion blur: shutter speed, lighting, and camera stability.

  1. Use a Slower Shutter Speed. Motion blur requires a longer exposure time. The best way to get this long exposure by slowing your shutter speed.
  2. Be Aware of Lighting. Because a slower shutter speed allows more light into your camera, you run the risk of overexposing or blowing out a photo. As a result, many photographers choose to capture motion this way in low light situations, such as at dawn or at dusk.
  3. Stabilize your camera. When capturing motion blur, use a tripod or rest your camera on another stable object. Otherwise, that long shutter speed is going to result in everything looking blurry. In most motion photography situations, you’ll still want some elements of your image to be crisp and in focus—and there’s no way to do that if your camera is moving, particularly with a long exposure. 

Yakshagana is a traditional folk dance form popular in coastal Karnataka districts. Watching Yakshagana performance is a treat to the senses due to the amalgamation of unique costumes, rhythmic music and unique performance involving dialogues, music, dance and action. This performance at Ninasam in Heggodu, near Sagara, Karnataka provided a perfect setting as photographer to experiment with shutter speeds. Unleash your creativity, take out that camera and tripod and give it a shot next time when you are out on the streets.

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  2. Important tips for photography, a good article on yakshagana, looking forward for more folk articles

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