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Lens View week -12

Location : Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh
Exif : f/3.5, ISO:320, 1/8000s

India has many temples and temple architectures are fascinating. Many Temples in India are ageless and the sculptures have a story.  These places of worship have stood time and seen civilizations flourish around it. It is always good to know about the temples, before we approach to photograph them.

The Veerabhadra temple at Lepakshi in the Anantapur district , Andhra Pradesh was built in the 16th century.The architectural features of the temple are in the Vijayanagara style with profusion of carvings and paintings at almost every exposed surface of the temple. It is one of the centrally protected monuments of national importance. The temple was built around 1530bc by Virupanna Nayaka and Viranna, both brothers who were Governors under the Vijayanagar Empire during the reign of King Achutaraya, at Penukonda. According to Skanda Purana, the temple is one of the divyakshetras, an important pilgrimage site of Lord Shiva. The hanging pillar inside the temple is also a major attraction

The naga linga sculpture outside the sanctum santorum of Veerahbadreswara temple was supposed to have been carved out by a man in an hour. This is about 15 feet in height very massive and will leave any visitor wonder struck. Many temples in India do not allow Cameras and tripods. Preparation and respect of rules are important. Fortunately at Lepakshi, cameras are allowed outside the sanctum and there are many sculptures outside the sanctum at this temple. The Nagalinga is therefore the main attraction for photographers.

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