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Lens View Week 13

Location : A remote village in Coorg,Karnataka
Exif : f/8, ISO:250, 1/160s

“No Generation Gap”

Street photography is about documenting everyday life and society on the streets. You can find opportunities to practice street photography everywhere and you don’t necessarily need to travel to capture great shots. It’s a genre of photography usually done candidly.

Street photography is spontaneous and waits for no one. It’s a discipline you must practice to make perfect. If you’re serious about street photography, you will always have your camera within reach .

This picture was shot in remote Coorg, Karnataka while we were on a tea break in morning. It was coincidental that we spotted this young boy engaging in a conversation with an elderly person reading a newspaper. 

This is known as the ‘decisive moment,’ where you have only a split second to capture your subject before it’s gone forever. You rarely get a second chance, so be prepared. A good street photo needs a clearly defined subject. All the rules of composition, such as rule of thirds, leading lines, use of negative space, symmetry, frames, as discussed in the previous lens view articles. Try and tell a story with your images. Create photographs that evokes emotion ,and makes the viewer to pause and look at it again. 

The most important thing with street photography is to have fun and enjoy getting out with your camera. This does not need an expensive equipment, even a mobile camera is good enough to express your creativity. Remember, your goal is to capture emotion, humanity, and depict a person’s character. It takes time to get your shot, but with some practice and patience it is rewarding.

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