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Lens View Week 17

Location : Naguvinahalli,Karnataka
Exif : f/7.1, ISO:900, 1000s

“My Perch- Green Bee Eaters”

A small village near Srirangapatna , Naguvinahalli on the banks of River Cauvery is a paradise for Green Bee Eaters in the summer. The green bee-eater (Merops orientalis), also known as little green bee-eater, is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family. They are mainly insect eaters and they are found in grasslands, thin scrub and forests. These birds have their nests on ground and are therefore always in danger. Humans walking around, Snakes and many predators around the river also make it challenging for these birds, but they know how to survive. 

As a keen birder and photographer we should show respect and be very careful when birds are with nests. Photography and birding should be done with etiquette and  maintaining a safe distance. Use binoculars to observe, hides and long lenses to get your Lens View.

We have discussed earlier in the lens view series, about Lighting and Composition. An understanding of these two aspects are key to your creativity. When you take a bird photo, everything in the frame matters. The bird. The position of the bird. The position of the bird’s head. The background. Any elements behind the bird. Any elements in front of the bird. In the photograph above you can observe the branch or twig is diagonal and leading into the subject. This leading line ensures that the bird stands out in the frame. You want to make sure everything else in the photo emphasizes and enhances the bird. If you are patient you can also get a creative pose from these birds.

Enjoy and be responsible.

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