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Lens View Week – 20

Location : Hoskote Lake,Karnataka
Exif : f/8, ISO:1000, 1/640s

“Spiders Web World”

Fog and Winter with a Spider web always presents an interesting opportunity for Macro photography . Intricate webs by spiders with dew droplet reflections give us an interesting perspective into the world of Spiders.

Spider’s webs are incredibly light and if there’s even a hint of breath in the air they’re likely to move as you photograph them. This has the potential to not only cause blur in your shot – but also movement will shake off any moisture on them and potentially could even break them. This is one of the reasons macro photography is best done is early morning (which is also a great time for finding dew covered webs).

The backgrounds of all shots are important as they either add to or distract from the shot. With spider webs it is particularly important to have a plain and preferably dark background. This will enable the web itself to stand out and be the feature of the shot

Lastly, have a Narrow depth of Field. To isolate the web further from your plain and dark background choose a large aperture to give you a shallow depth of field. This will throw your background out of focus.

Spider webs always inspire us to look at their world with a different Lens. Strength, flexibility of webs and the survival instinct of Spiders are always interesting to observe in Nature.

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