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Lens View Week – 21

Location : Katmandu, Nepal
Exif : f/3.5, ISO:900, 1/60s

“Faith – Divine Grace”

Temples, Monasteries, Church or Mosques are always close to our heart, but all of them also provide an excellent opportunity for a Lens View.

Normally early morning or evenings are a good time for temple photography. This picture at a Buddhist temple in Nepal was captured in the evening. The light is magical, and with a human element and a candid moment it makes it very interesting.

Every temple is a trove of timeless stories. It is fascinating to learn it all before you begin to shoot the temple, it will also help to relate better to the temple and also know what to focus on. Most Buddhist temples have prayer wheels as bells or large temple bells called Bonsho. They always attract devotees, so waiting for them can provide an excellent opportunity for your photographs. 

It is important for you to experience the temple through your eyes, observe the bliss in the space, and be meditative. Enjoy the moment and get some amazing memories and pictures too. Your Lens view can be enhanced with your eyes like shutter and mind like lens at a temple in your next visit.

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