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Lens View Week – 22

Location : Kedarnath, India
Exif : f/3.5, ISO:250, 1/2500s

“God Sent Rock”

Climate change is impacting the fragile Himalayan ranges in India. Your Lens Views can provide a spotlight for a Change.

Almost 7 years back, Kedarnath was impacted by flash floods with cloud bursts. Cloud Bursts are common in these Himalayan ranges, however unplanned construction and development is the primary cause of a massive calamities.

A “God Sent Rock” diverted the massive inflow of water from the Mandakini Glacier diverted the water away from temple.

Himalayan Temples are a symbol of Unity. This temple at Kedarnath is a symbol for one such North-South unity The rituals are performed by members of the Rawal community who belong to the Veera Shaiva Sangam community of Karnataka. Since the 10th century AD, the pooja here has been carried out in Kannada language and in the same pattern and sequence. The Rawal, or the head priest, does not perform the rituals inside the temple but instead delegates this responsibility to his assistants. When the deity is moved to Ukhimath during the winter season, the Rawal shifts his base along with the main deity.

Makes you wonder in this world of GPS and mobile navigation how our ancient saints like Adi Shankaracharya and many our south Indian priests went to Kedarnath on foot.

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