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Lens View Week – 24

Location : Agumbe, India
Exif : f/5.6, ISO:500, 1/640s


A Leaf ! Not really. This is a Plant hopper and could be challenging for you to identify them on a plant as they are exactly like leaves. Planthoppers generally walk very slowly so as not to attract attention. Distributed worldwide, all members of this group are plant-feeders, though surprisingly few are considered pests.

The Macro World has a wonderful cycle of its own. Planthopper nymphs take in large quantities of plant sap, from which they extract protein and discard everything else. The sugary residue is called honeydew, they discard one drop at a time. This is highly sought after by a variety of other small creatures like Ants and other predatory insects. So these predators make more use of these nymphs as honeydew factories than a meals, and hence these planthoppers survive to live another day.

Lens Views in Macro world always have a story to tell, your camera could help you explore this magical tiny world.

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