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Lens View – Week 28

Location : Uttarakhand, India
Exif : f/1.7, ISO:100, 1/1520s

“Himalayan Sunset”

Should we postprocess a photograph ?

Well that’s a common question from many new photographers. We should always strive to get the best possible image right in the camera – exposure, composition, and lighting being some important considerations, as nothing can fix a truly bad capture. While getting great images straight out of the camera is a good aim to achieve every single time, you can really take your photos to the next level with post-processing.

When you see with your eyes, your brain does postprocessing. When you shoot straight to JPEG, your camera’s firmware does postprocessing. It happens no matter what, it is an element of seeing. Simplification and processing must happen to see an image. There is truly no way to capture an image without some kind of refinement happening whether you like it or not. The objective is to have your creativity and originality in the image.

So the next time you have your lens view, go ahead and make sure you have an attractive image for the viewer. Be creative and enjoy photography.

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