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Lens View Week 30

Location : Ooty,Tamil Nadu, India
Exif : f/5.6, ISO:450, 1/2000s

“Indian White Eye”

Also known as the  Oriental White-eye , this is a small perching bird in the White-eye family. It is a resident breeder in open woodland in tropical Asia east from India to China and Indonesia. They forage in small groups, feeding on nectar and small insects. They are easily identified by the distinctive white eye-ring and overall yellowish upperparts.

These birds are hyperactive and normally are seen in groups. Flowers and contrasts  in our composition give a good depth for these colorful and attractive birds. Bird Photography in its natural habitat requires lot of patience. Birds dislike any noise and disturbance and it is important not alter its natural surroundings.

Bird photography is one of the most popular genres of nature photography , give it a shot and share your lens views.

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