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Lens View Week 7

Location : Bangalore Karnataka
Exif : Shutter 1/8000s, ISO 100, f/14. Exposure Compensation 3 stops Lower

Most of you would have enjoyed the solar eclipse on 21 June 2020.

The total solar eclipse is an absolutely amazing experience that is impossible to describe in words. With clouds playing hide and seek it was a perfect opportunity for getting a lens view this week.

A solar eclipse is a rare cosmic event that takes place when the Moon gets in between the Sun and the Earth, blocking Sun rays partially or fully, essentially casting a shadow over Earth. Solar eclipses can only take place when the Moon is new and it is directly aligned with the Sun and the Earth, and depending on the Moon’s proximity to Earth and the relative alignment of the three, a solar eclipse could be partial, total or annular.

Photography of solar eclipse needs lots of precaution and safety is the utmost priority.

  1. You should never look directly at the Sun with your eyes, especially through an optical viewfinder, since everything will appear much more magnified when a telephoto lens is attached to your camera. It can literally burn a hole in your retina!
  2. You need a pair of eclipse glasses not sun glasses when you are outdoors

Here is a quick list of camera gear you will need to photograph a solar eclipse:

  • Digital Camera: Pretty much any digital camera will do, whether you are planning to shoot with a DSLR, a mirrorless camera or a point-and-shoot with an optical superzoom lens.
  • Super Telephoto Lens: If you want to get a good close-up of the solar eclipse, you will need a super telephoto lens – the longer, the better.
  • ND / Solar Filter: A dense solar ND filter is a requirement to prevent potential damage to your eyes or your camera gear.
  • Tripod: You certainly do not want to be hand-holding a camera with a super telephoto lens attached to it, so a tripod is essential.
  • Remote Shutter Release: A good option as this will also ensure you stay safe and also to prevent camera-shakes or blur.
  • Live View Screen: Using the Live View Screen on your camera is the best option, as you can completely avoid viewing the sun

The Next visible eclipse in south India is the Lunar eclipse on 26 May 2021. Lunar eclipse is much more fun and easy, as we don’t need much precautions. So relax and wait, Next year we will have your photographs 😊

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