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Location : Hoskote Lake, Near Bangalore
Exif : f/6.3 , 1/1000s , ISO : 320

Name : Brahminy Kite Juvenile / Haliastur Indus, Accipitridae family

Brahminy Kites , The birds of prey , are visible in the outskirts of most cities in India and have adapted well to urban conditions. You can spot them close to water bodies . They are experts at fishing , and have sharp eyes to support them . The adult has a distinct white color on their heads and are smaller than the black kites. In Other parts of asia they are also called as Red backed eagle. They have a mewing scream whenever they are soaring. Brahminy Kites often perform aerial acrobatics.

The Brahminy Kites has a firm place in culture and mythology across Asia. In India it is considered a representation of “Garuda” or “Vainatheya, the celestial carrier or vahana of Lord Vishnu. In Hindu mythology, he is often referred to as the ‘king of birds’. In most Vishnu temples, there is a separate shrine for Garuda, also known as Garudalwar. Garuda is also the symbol on Lord Vishnu’s flag. (Garuda dwaja).  Interestingly in the temple town of Sabarimalai, a procession marking the end of the annual pilgrim season does not start until a Brahminy Kite(Locally called Krishna Parintu) is seen circling the skies. In many Vishnu temples in South India too, there is a special place for this Kite. In Buddhists mythology and scriptures, Garuda belongs to a race of divine creatures who are known for their hatred for the Nagas or the serpents. In Buddhists scriptures, Lord Buddha is shown making temporary peace between the Nagas and Garuda.

The Brahminy Kite is also the official mascot of Jakarta, Indonesia. The Island of Langkawi in Malaysia also derives the name from this bird.

The next time when you run in the open, or walk around a lake nearby  or driving through the country roads, look up at the skies and chances are high for you to spot this beautiful bird “Brahminy Kite”.

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