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Life is a knotty thing

A Poem by A.V.Prasanna Gopal

Life is a knotty thing of complexities
A cobweb of countless intricacies
Difficulties and obstacles galore
A concoction of pain and pleasure

Our life is a mirror full of images
Reflects a few words and pictures
Some are written about me by others
A few are self-scribbled about me

Our life is an open book
From first to last pages
Pages depicting life’s ups and downs
Chapters of varied experience

Letters expressing thoughts
Words of thoughts hiding the feelings
Lines of feelings reflecting emotions
Emotions mirroring our perspectives

Countless labyrinths of challenges
Facing them with eternal confrontations
A life time spent seeking resolutions
An unforgettable learning experience

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9 Replies to “Life is a knotty thing

  1. During his service meeting with people, interaction with them,knowing their pains and pleasure the poet has come out with these beautiful and meaningful lines.👍👌

  2. An in depth thinking.The lines on feelings,emotions,hidden thoughts are fantastic.Why from ‘ our: the poem turns to ‘me’?

  3. The poet has depicted the various stages of life in a beautiful manner. I am.surprised to know that the author is an ex banker.

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