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Mahabharata and Raksha Bhandan

After the Rajasuya Yajna performed by Yudhishtira, Duryodhana felt jealous of Pandava’s progress and felt insulted when Draupadi laughed and told that a blind man’s son is blind. He went to his maternal uncle Shakuni, the king of Gandhara and the brother Gandhari and explained what happend.  They hatched a plan and arranged a grand dice gambling game. He challenged the Pandavas to play the dice gambling game. 

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They came to Hastinapura. Shakuni offered Yudhishtira a royal seat where he could sit. Shakuni brought his dice which was made up of his father’s bones, which would give out any number he wished. The game of gambling started. Yudhishtira started loosing the game and eventually lost his kingdom. Shakuni provokes him to pledge his brothers.  First he lost Nakula , second Sahadeva, Third Arjuna, Bheema fourth and finally himself.  He put Draupadi at stake and lost her too. Duryodhana ordered his younger brother Dushyasana to drag Draupadi with her hair and bring her to the royal court. Draupadi came to the royal court and was shocked to see that Duryodhana had ordered Dushyasana to disrobe her. Draupadi started questioning Bhishma, Drona and then the Pandavas about dharma. 

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Dushyasana became very impatient and ordered Draupadi to stop talking. Dushyasana caught hold the edge of her saree and started pulling. 

Now let’s go back in time a bit and recollect an incident. In the Rajasuya Yajna when Shishupala was cursing Krishna, he warns Shishupala and forgives 100 of his sins. Finally when Shishupala exhausts all his 100 sins, Krishna wields his Sudarshana Chakra and kills Shishupala. At this point Krishna’s hand starts bleeding. Draupadi without second thoughts tore off a piece from her saree and ties it on Krishna’s wound. That day Krishna declared Draupadi is his sister and promised to protect her always. This day is celebrated as ‘ Raksha Bhandan’. During this festival sisters ties a Rakhi on brother’s hand and brothers promises to always protect them. 

Now, coming back to Hastinapura, Draupadi is in a big trouble. Draupadi cries out Krishna’s name and Krishna blesses her with an infinite clothing and Dushyasana faints being tiered of pulling infinite saree. This way Krishna kept his promise by protecting Draupadi.

With this we can learn that, an unconditional trust and devotion to god always protects good people.

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