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Me And My Paintbrush

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Painting – A form of art, a way to express your thoughts and emotions through the strokes of your paint brush. It is a universal language represented in two dimensions. It has the prowess to extract all your stress and thus it always leaves us wonder struck with its arcane and magical powers!

About the painting

The above painting is a depiction of the well-known bird – The Kingfisher. They are small birds with bright colored feathers and stubby tail. My inspiration behind painting was -the profound beauty of nature. I thought this would be the best way to understand and appreciate it. Before starting the painting, excitement gushed in me full fledged. As for gaining its perfection, I always keep in my mind the words told by my art guru,” Never do a painting, as if you are expecting it to be a masterpiece.” The basis of achieving a good painting includes your mindset and intentions! The splashes of colors on your canvas can create wonders. In my painting, I have used a sober color for the background (Indian yellow, ocher, white) to intensify the main component of the composition -the bird. As for the bird, I have used few shades of blue and brilliant red to add to its depth. The flowers are just props used to beautify the work. If you ask me what the process has taught me – I would say that, it gives me happiness in the best possible way. At the end it leaves me behind with a grandiose smile. I would say it is worth all the hard work!

I enjoy my hobby and my artistic expressions. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your paintbrush and start your art journey!!

About the author

V K Sumedha

A Class 10 student of Sri Vani Public school, Rajajinagar , Bangalore.
She has an intense love for nature and passion for art and music.

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23 Replies to “Me And My Paintbrush

  1. Great initiative. Keep painting, keep writing. Always there should be a paint brush or a pen. May God bless your brain with more creative ideas.create, ideate, innovate and be different…….Sripathy

  2. Beautiful painting and a well articulated write up! The way you have emphasised the reason behind keeping a simple background, here i would mention, as a reader,that your simplicity in your writing, stole my heart! It is very easy to write with impressive words but pretty difficult to convey a strong message in a simple language!
    Keep up your good work! Looking forward to see your both art works!! Happy paiting and happier times,penning down your work!

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