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In India, from time immemorial, MUDRAS are extensively employed at three levels

  1. In classical dance forms.
  2. In Hindu ritualistic worship.
  3. In yoga & Tantra.
In Mudras – Part 1, we saw its usage in classical dance forms. This section shows Mudras Usage in Rituals and Yoga


Benefits of Mudras & How To Do Them [Beginner's Guide]

No Hindu temple architecture will depict a deity or a statue whose hands are not held in any MUDRA. Every ritualistic worship in Hinduism has a set of prescribed Mudras associated with them. Simplest, significant & the most commonly used MUDRA is the NAMASKARA mudra. Most of the deities are seen in ABHAYA or VARADA Mudra. 

Starting from PRANAYAMA, SANDHYAVANDANAM, YAGAS, YAGNAS etc. all have a clearly demarcated set of mudras to be followed in a particular order. Mudras, Mantras & Mandalas form an integral part of Hindu rituals.

23. Yoga Mudras – Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra

Mudras are extensively used in yoga where the basic essentials are the Asana, Mudra & the Breathing technique. It is basically used by the yogis to communicate spiritually within himself & the universal self. Unlike the Mudras in dance, Mudras in yoga are employed to turn the attention towards the inner self. It acts as a mode for self-realization. Every finger/digit on the palm/foot represents an element of nature. The Pranic energy is channelized & directed as desired with the help of Mudras in yoga. For example, the thumb represents the energy of the ATMAN (Universal self- in physiological terms, the energy of the central nervous system or sushumna nadi) and the index finger represents the energy of the JIVA (Individual self – in physiological terms, the right & the left peripheral nerves of the Ida & the Pingala nadis). In yogic parlance, the energies of the individual self are united to the energies of the universal self & the high meditative state is achieved. Every Mudra has a particular effect on the body, emotion, mind nervous system & the pranic flow with the human organism. The Mudra in yoga is an intra –personal communication tool.






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3 Replies to “MUDRAS IN Usage

  1. Your effort to present the importance of Mudra form has come out well and easy to understand
    As we all know Mudras are the root cause for Yoga Siddhi and are scientifically proven.We have been time and again reminded that “Shareera Madhyam Khalu Dharma sadhanam and Dharmarthakama Mokshanaam arogyam moola uttamam”. Indian traditional practices have to be supported and reminded to everyone for better ment of life style

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