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My trip to Shringeri

First time I went to Shringeri at the age of 3yrs for my Akshara Abhyasam (initiation to education). I went with my parents and my cousin Suyagnya. Suyagnya and I did the Akshara Abhyasam together. It is process where we go to the temple of goddess Sharadambe and the priests chant sacred mantras and our father help us write on the rice in a plate. This is an ancient process which has come from our ancestors. This temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya and prayed to Sharadambe for many years.

Later after few years, I got a little sister and I visited Shringeri again for my sister Aarabhi’s Akshara Abhyasam. We did the Akshara Abhyasam for her and went inside temple and we sought blessings of Goddess Sharadambe and Lord Ganesha. I played violin and my father played flute as prayers to the godess. The temple was so soothing and cool. The next day we visited the temple again, a person in there told us that in the evening 1 lakh lamps will be lit. This ritual is called Laksha Deepotsava. We went to the temple again in the evening. To our surprise, the yakshagaana was going on. We enjoyed the yakshagana program there and waited to light the lamps. We also lit many lamps and participated in the laksha deepotsava. By then it was almost midnight. We passed by the sharadamba sannidhi and we were surprised to see the vishwaroopam. Meaning, Sharadamba was just wearing a saree and few jewels and no other decoration. The view was so mesmerising.

Then we went to water fall which was at least 300yrs old. So went there, we saw many people playing with the water and in the water. To check the temperature of the water fall my father went in, then he said that it was quite cold and it would  be better once we get in. As he had said we felt cold and then felt better. The water fall was so good we spent at least 1 ½ hr in the water, then we came out of the water and changed our clothes and saw the water fall for ½ hr. At that time I was in deep imagination of how will the water fall arrive and will it dry up. The next day we came at the temple again, a seller was selling puffed rice. We approached him and asked him that why was he selling puffed rice, he said that there was a lake in the temple which had a lot of fishes in it. We bought 2 packets and started to throw into the lake and the fishes came and ate. This was the end of my journey to Shringeri which was a beautiful and a learn able trip

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Abhignya Aghalayam

Abhignya is a 6th grade student studying with Acharya Vidya Kula, Mysore. A passionate traveller, she is pursuing music, bharatanatyam as her hobby.

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