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Natana – A journey into theater

Kannada theater art that holds a distinguished place in the Indian theater, because of its diversity, styles, strong legacy and tinge of regional folklore has become popular across the world. This huge tree of art has many branches such as Mythological Theater, Professional Theater, Armature Theater etc. Despite such a diverse branching out, at the core of it, it remains as an art form that give utmost importance to expression and music.

NATANA is a dream project of Shri. Mandya Ramesh who has a career spanning 36 years as an actor, director and a “Ranga Dharmi”.
Natana is seldom a school but an experience that imparts the nuances of theater to the younger generations through teaching and personality development.Natana was established in 2001 to involve children and youth in performing arts later grew as a professional group. Natana approaches theater rooted in folk, history, mythology and in local traditions through contemporary means. By making young minds to learn dance, music, painting and film appreciation, Natana seeks to pass on the cultural experiences of a generation to a new audience.

Sri. Mandya Ramesh

Sri. Anand Babu, one of the directors of Natana is the brother of Sri. Ramesh. Sri Anand is very actively promoting theater at Natana. He is also an accomplished actor who has worked in short films, theater besides feature films.

Natana Brothers

Natana has started professional acting and theater training for both adults and children. In order to pass the heritage of theater to next generation and to attract people towards theater Natana has started this project. 30 candidates from 16 year to 30 year age group will be selected through an audition which will be held in the month of May every year. Since June daily classes will be conducted from 5.30PM to 9PM at Natana.  Students will be trained in acting, body movement, speech, voice modulation, various styles of acting, theater music, folk forms, makeup, mask making, lighting, designing and theater management by eminent theater directors, professional theater and acting facilitators throughout the year. Three productions will be directed by renowned theater personalities.

Theater and acting training will be given also for children from 08 years to 14 year age group. Classes will be conducted every Saturday and Sunday. Children will be selected based on the audition that will be held in the month of June every year. Personality development, communication skills will be focused along with theater training.


 It is the theater based summer workshop for children where they are educated as well as entertained in various dimensions focusing on the wholesome personality development of the child. It aims at involving children in theater and other cultural activities at a very young age. Children learn theater acting, singing, various traditional and folkdance forms, crafts, mask making, rural games and many more.  There will be professional trainers and resource persons who handle the various topics in the workshop. In addition to various classes, children will also interact with the celebrities and achievers of various fields who will be visiting the workshop regularly.

Watch this section to read about “How theater builds the personality of children”

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