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Yuyudhana, better known as Satyaki was the grandson of Shini of the Vrishni clan .He was the adopted son of Satyaka . 
Satyaki was a great devotee of Lord Krishna.
He was a great warrior . He learnt warfare from Arjuna , the Pandava .

He was also a great archer . Satyaki, in the Kurukshetra war fought Drona valiantly making all divine arrows from Drona futile with counter arrows. Dronacharya exclaimed that Satyaki was a warrior in the class of Dhananjaya , Sri Rama ,Sri Krishna , Parashurama and Bhisma .
On the fourteenth day of Kurukshetra war , he was almost killed by Bhurishravas. At the right time, Partha interferes and saves Satyaki. When Bhurishravas questions Arjuna’s interference during war between Satyaki and himself, Arjuna reminds him of Abhimanyu. Realising his mistake, Bhurushravas gives up his arms and starts meditating. Satyaki takes this opportunity and kills Bhurishravas when the latter was meditating . 

           Satyaki was killed during the pilgrimage the Yadavas had gone . the whole Vrishni clan was destroyed . Satyaki lived a long life .

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  1. Well scripted Suyagnya. Appreciate ur knowledge in Ramayana and Mahabharata at such a tender age

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