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Second Exile of Sita

Sita was the daughter of Maharaja Janaka and the wife of Prince Rama. After the war with Ravana, Sita was reunited with Sri Rama. Later when they returned to Ayodhya, a washer man came and said that Sita was in some one else place for too long and we cannot accept her as our queen. Hearing this, Rama and Sita were heart broken, but Rama being the righteous man (maryada Purushottama) sent Sita to exile with a heavy heart.

Then Sita remembered a curse by a male parrot given by Maharishi Valmiki. The curse was “You will also be pregnant and give birth to your children in absence of your husband.” Now Sita understood her mistake and then she gave birth to Lava and Kusha who grew up as strong and intelligent as their father Sri Rama. During Ashvamedha Yajna, the sacrificial horse enters Valmiki ashram and Lava-Kusha arrest the horse after reading the message on its forehead. The message asked warriors to challenge Ayodhya by arresting the horse or surrender to Ayodhya.

The Exile of Sita - Lessons of Dharma
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Due to this there was a small war between Lava – Kusha and Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrugnya. Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrugnya lost to these two young warriors. Then Rama himself went and when he was about to kill them, Maharishi Valmiki intervened and informed Sri Rama that it was his children that he was fighting. Then Rama felt both sorry and proud about the whole situation.

Then Sita said I don’t want to live in such a miserable life which is without happiness, so I will go back to Mother Earth. She called Mother Earth with tears and after her call the Earth opened up and from the centre came Mother Earth seated on a throne. Then she took Sita with her like a child. Lava and Kusha were crying and Rama also had tears in his eyes, but Sita was gone forever.

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