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The Most Courteous

Rama Raajya, Lakshman Rekha, Sugreeva’s stringent order, a squirrel’s service!! These are some of the daily life adjectives or phrases or adverbs that we use in our daily life in our own regional languages. But do we really use them understanding the nuances of these phrases? From where could they have originated? Have we ever had our thoughts ponder over these ?

Let it be! whether we think or forget, these exceptional phrases have no effect; they remain as is with majesty. Considering the fact that from the time these have originated, several ages have passed – Its several ages old phrase – It belongs to Tretayuga! Remarkable!!!

But, say it our blessings and pleasure that we have not forgotten Sri Rama, The Renaissance Man, who took birth in the era which is same as  the timeframe of usage of these momentous phrases!! Rama is omnipresent , one can find him in strong believers of Sri Rama as God , with those who disbelieve his existence ; people facing times of uncertainty and difficulty remembering and calling him as “Oh Raama! save me/us” ; while performing last rituals of the dead ;especially in North India, people chant “Raam nam satya hain” .

Certainly, Sri Rama of that era, Tretayuga, an Emperor of a vast nation; he lived the life of a common man; adhered to the rules he made for his people. You call him God, an ideal man, a courteous man, an obedient and dutiful son, one who followed monogamy (person who owes and follows to have one wife only) , any such titles or honoured names one calls him by.  All these honourable titles only describe him as an exemplary Emperor who lived like an ideal man to even the most common man of the society. 

In the Era (viz.. that was the time while the Dharma, off the four legs it had placed on Earth, had lost one of its legs and the rest three were only firm; In specific, Adharma had placed a leg onto Mother Earth) , where Sri Rama lived within the boundary of rules and regulations that he had formulated for his country men and proved what an ideal King should be ; Such a great Emperor, could he have ever predicted that somewhere down the timeline, in another Era, he will end up fighting for his own birth land dispute ? Who would know this? 

Not just his next Era! Forever ! He had to stand ideal not just for those who worship him as the Supreme God, also for those who question, ridicule, mock his way of life, even to this date. 

At the point of time when The King of Ocean refused to help Rama, he did not hesitate to lift his Bow against him, gave a strong blow to his ego and made him co-operate for building the bridge to Lanka. Such an exemplary warrior would have had any trouble to sort out the dispute of his own land of birth in Kaliyuga, the Era of Kali? 

Absolutely No! But… how does the era matter? Any number of eras may pass by, Sri Rama would remain Sri Rama!! The commandments, rules and regulations that Rama established, at least, he could never breach them himself!! Isn’t it? 

For that lone reason, even in this Kaliyuga, just for the sake of 3 acre or even less land, he personally knocked on to the doors of Law ! “Oh My Lord! (reference to court justice) , I am the one who incarnated onto this holy Mother Earth as Rama, I am the one who took birth in this holy land, this is my land of birth, Please get me justice; Primarily please get justice to those people who believe in me and my principles. “  Just like a common client, he sought justice from the court. RamLalla, as the people of northern part of India call him with devotion and love, just the way we common people seek justice from law and court!!

For this reason, he needed an eminent lawyer – who not just by mind but also by his actions would get justice to Rama!!!

Considering his next incarnation, Rama had already exclaimed ! 

नाहं वसामि वैकुण्ठे योगिनां हृदये न च |

मद्भक्ता यत्र गायन्ति तत्र तिष्ठामि नारद ||

Because, that courteous man was not supposed to argue and counter argue his own case remaining the boundaries of kaliyuga Dharma. Because, in this era, this era’s incarnation who is beyond all religion, his counterpart Venkatachalapati himself was standing Tall in Silence!!  (In one of the phases of Kaliyuga, who spoke to his devotees in person, fulfilled their desires , who is most worshipped today in India). He stands tall as statue!! This time belongs to him, so even Rama is a common man, just like all of us!!!

His eminent lawyer had to be a strong believer of his incarnation; he had to be a person who could dispense impartial arguments in the court of justice; even the people who would criticise his existence!! Such a person had to be experienced by profession and age , mature by his will and thoughts!!

Over To Present Time

Can a 92 year old, senior, respectable, eminent lawyer ever get a client in his area of profession, who is superior to Rama? Just the way his matured, experienced, satisfied life is, shouldn’t his final fight in the court of justice be a memorable and eternal one? 

With this self motivation, he fought and fought and finally achieved a delectable win! And at last made Him get the justice  !!

But was his (through him, Rama’s win) path to success an easy one? Penning down the hurdles that came his way for this final state would end up in another Ramayan!!

How difficult would it have been for him to strike the balance between his thoughts of Dharma and profession ? He had to respect his inner feelings towards this as well while striking such balance!!

We the common people, in times of difficulty, put all our responsibility on God and stay back for things to get sorted out! But look at the luck factor of this senior lawyer!! Lord Rama put all the responsibility on this senior citizen and his professional experience and remained calm!!!

He neither gave up nor stepped back, inspite of the dispute running over to next century, he stood strong against all uncertainties!! Even while presenting arguments, he placed his arguments while standing only. Considering his age, any requests to sit and argue went in vain. As per him, he was offering a Squirrel’s service to his beloved Lord!

At last, the way Rama got justice and decision of the birth land of Ayodhya belonged to him was a historical milestone, so was the win of the senior, eminent lawyer who fought on the side of Rama ; Justice to the Lord himself!! The senior lawyer Shri Keshav Parasharan, a divine human, would remain eternal in the history of India !! 

Would he have completed his professional career in any better manner? 

Post the verdict, for the messenger of Rama in Kaliyuga, with his fascinating win, he was offered an idol of Rama, as a token of respect.  Indians can never take off from their memory when he hugged the idol, symbolising “ I can never depart from you ! Oh Lord!!! “    !! Such an emotional moment it was!!!

“Endaro mahaanu bhaavulu! Andariki vandanamu!!!!

Jai Sri Rama!! Jai Sri Keshav Parasharan


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Lakshmi Simhan ಕೋಮಲತನಯೆ

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