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The Saviour and The Magnificent Representative

A bouquet of verses from our ancient scripture Yajuraaranyaka (Aadithyopaasana mantras viz Mantras to worship Sun God ) that I had heard from my revered Father several times ignited curiosity in me. And this article is the result of the formidable interest I have in those verses and their implied meanings!

A few lines from those verses; And the greater explanation of these; And how they are relevant and inspiring our lives; A prompt effort to co-ordinate these aspects and present is the core intention of this write up.

The purpose of my writing is to try to reconcile just a few sentences and their outlines and how they are relevant and inspiring to our lives.

The Mantras are just like this (Mananaat traayate Iti Mantraha – which  means they are not just rigid mantras that cannot be understood by anyone! These are such sentences that can be deciphered by thinkers and thought provokers) These Mantras continue to explain in much detail and enrich completeness and meanings.

Perceptions that can be barely decoded by common people like me (forever applicable to current generation of people) —what such truths are hidden in these mantras?

A concise explanation of the same is as follows:

“HE”, everyday when HE dawns, dawns with the lives of all beings!

The way HE dawns with the lives of the living beings, on a daily basis, he guards them and while he rises the next day, HE returns the lives to respective beings. 

This is not a day’s story! Until the world and the creation continues to exist this remains the reality!! This can only be visualised just as a routine!!

All right! Who is the “HE” mentioned here?

He is the one who gives us light everyday without fail! The Sun GOD!!!

What’s so special about this? Would you question if this is “A Reality” ?

For all those people who are skeptical to believe this :  Are you sure that those who slept at night would wake up the next morning alive, all hale and healthy?

This accomplishment of Surya Deva is indeed astonishing!

The Sun God, who carries the breath of all living beings of the creation every evening / night;  delivers their own breath to the respective creatures the next day! 

Would it be clumsier? 

Absolutely not! 

Alright! Could HE forget to return? 

Not even that! 

But, if the creature’s END is already attained, then HE is not responsible for that life!

Look! what a marvellous propagator of Life is HE !

For the same reason, one of the most important Hindu rituals viz.. Sandhyaa Vandana ( offering prayers thrice a day) , HE is worshipped and offered prayers gratefully.

As continuation of above thoughts, below verses boosts and adds up to them : 

Now Wonder!!

This can be analogised to one of the present day Indian life  activity, which is amazingly management – where the perfection-accuracy is “ALMOST“ 100%, – MIND YOU, its only almost!

Those are the Famous Dabbawaalas of Guinness World Records!!!

Those who have not heard about them are rare. But how many actually think and are amazed by their functioning,  skills, performance?

Let their customers’ home or work place exist at whatever location; Let it exist at any distance or direction; this contradiction is irrelevant to them! Or at least they are pragmatic!

Hang on! I forgot to mention one important detail!

These dabba walas are not just one, but rather a wonderful co-ordination team of many such people!

The success of such a collective work lies only in the mutual – ALMOST 100% CO-ORDINATION!

I wouldn’t like to explain much about them here! Because that would deviate from this discussion! However, for now, we would stop with the mention of them and their performance.

Now would you ponder over how and where are these dabbawalas and our Sun God comparable ?

The accuracy of the functioning of these dabba walas (as I have heard, read it) depends on some gesture, sign (that they can only decipher on the lunch boxes they carry)!

It means that, if several people can come together and perform so accurately and with such discipline!! Its just a worldly act!! …. 

Think!! imagine!!!

While acting upon belongings of this World and Outside World, the act of carrying and returning of in-numerous lives; ”How cautious, perfectionist, Smart should HE be?” 

All alone HE is! – its all a ONE MAN SHOW!

Well, who is this Surya Deva now? Is HE just a representative? 

If HE is, then whom does he represent?

If not, who is HE in reality?

All these questions arise in us. Is it not?

For this question, it needs to be substantiated with both answers : yes and no. And it actually falls back as a matter of individuals’ religious faith as well.

So as per my perception, it can be interpreted in a nutshell as:

Such a magnificient Lord Suryadeva was worshipped by Lord Rama himself in his  Ramavatara! Sri Rama worshipped Sun God through AadityaHrudaya Sthotra as guided by the Sage Agastya! What does that mean?

Is this a part of Sri Rama’s role in this earthly drama?

Or … 

The way it is described in Vishnu Sahasranaama :


Is HE same as LORD!! OR LORD is same as HE ?? 

In reality, the Sun is just melting and scorching day by day; In this regard, how long is his life? and many more such questions appear. We often read that scientists are calculating, don’t we? No one doubts such a truth! is it not? 

In this regard, how grateful we should be to such great God? To the one who renews energy of all creatures every day and every moment, even though he knows that he is dissolving!

So, let us all keep worshipping the Form – In the form of Surya Deva, who shows up every morning – The Great Chaitanya who preserves and returns all our energy, breath, and vitality to us every day (till our last breath).

Would you agree with me? 


Read Original kannada version of author here :

Illustration By : Vaishnavi Gopinath

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