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Vedic Maths Lessons

Vedic Maths FAQ

What is Vedic Mathematics ?

Vedic mathematics is the collective name given to a set of sixteen mathematical formulae or Sutras and 13 Sub formalae or sub sutras formulated by Shri Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha

Does learning Vedic Maths help in academics?

It helps children learn new approaches to problems, improves the calculation speed, creativity, analytical skills and numerical abilities

My Child dislikes maths. Will Vedic maths change it?

You can give the child a chance to try. There is change in approach, it is simple and easy to apply to solve complex problems.

My child is already good at maths. How can Vedic maths help?

It gives the child an opportunity to explore new approaches to the problems and solutions.

How much does it cost to learn Vedic maths?

@ prideofbharath, the elementary sessions are offered for free. You need to Register for the same, from our home page. We dont have advanced sessions designed yet.

Does Vedic maths interfere with academic studies?

No, Vedic maths does not interfere with academic studies. It helps in faster mental maths.

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