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What After Graduation? Part – 1

Tips to make the right choice

What should you do after graduation? Not sure. Should you take up Post-graduation study, or should you look for a job or should you take a break and explore other possibilities. If such concerns are bothering you, don’t worry, you are not alone. Most of the college students go through this phase, especially in their final year of graduate studies. For a majority of students, graduation marks the end of an era, but many students can still be left wondering, ‘what next?’  

There are several options available after university, and so everyone’s journey will be different. You could search for a graduate job, enrol in a postgraduate course, or set up your business. If you’d like to have more experience before making a decision, you could volunteer, intern, or travel the world on a gap year. 

Many students are at crossroads after graduation, the stage where they face ‘true’ career decisions. After passing Class 12, factors such as the allure of a ‘Dream College,’ lack of subject knowledge, limited exposure, and inexperience make students pick subjects that may not take them close to their desired job. During the final semester, as the graduate program approaches its end, the bubble bursts, and most of the students realize that they still have no clue about what they want to do going ahead. In real life, it is tough to switch from one career to another, and if done, is fraught with risk. 

Let me share my observations on the possible options available for students after completing their graduation:

  • Pursuing higher studies (PG)
  • Studying Abroad
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Taking a break after completing the course-Gap year
  • Now a gap year is possible even during the UG course because of NEP-2020 as the undergraduate degree will be of either 3 or 4 years with multiple exit options.
  • After1 year- Certificate
  • After 2 years- Diploma 
  • After 3 years- Bachelor’s Degree
  • After 4 years- Multi disciplinary Bachelor’s Degree/ Honours Degree

Before deciding on a career, keep these factors in mind.

1. Never take up a job because of money. At the preliminary stages of your career, if you aspire to earn a lot of money, nothing wrong, but your focus should be on the scope of learning than earning. Because eventually, it’s your learning, which gives you higher earnings.  

2. Choose a career that would make you happy and for me, peak of happiness is success. If you hate programming, don’t try for that software job. If you are an introvert, who would prefer to be by yourself, skip that marketing job interview. If I may extend this thought, it means don’t allow others to choose your career. Remember, it’s your life; your choice has to reverberate with you.

3. Be prepared for a long innings to get success. You need to stick to click. Everything is possible if you are prepared to work hard over a long period. If you look for shortcuts or give up too soon – you would be swinging from one job to another without really being satisfied or progressing further in your career.

4. More and more corporates are beginning to realize that there is more to university life than obtaining a degree. Off late, the companies are more interested in knowing what else have you accomplished, like working as an intern alongside your degree, volunteering, or representing your university in an event. Remember, companies hire YOU for who you are as an individual and not just your qualifications. 

5. Make an effort to improve and strengthen your profile so that they show off your qualities and varied experiences. Know your uniqueness and be clear as to how you can add value to an organization utilizing your knowledge, skills, and attitude. And when your applications begin to pay off, ensure that you are well prepared for interviews.

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