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Yet again mother nature says “I am Supreme”

Around 25 years ago we had to go through a life changing experience when we suffered a huge jolt of earthquake. It was a huge disaster that killed over 10,000+ people and over 50,000+ were severely injured. This happened near Latur (Maharashtra) in a place called Kilaru in Sept 1993.

The epicenter of this tragedy was Killari which was about 50 kms away from my place, due to this close vicinity to the epicenter we did experience this big blow of nature which caused havoc in our region and had left a huge and long-lasting impact on all of us forever. After the major shock we did experience small after-shocks for almost a month and these after-shocks created fear among people living around that area. This was the first time we experienced fear, the fear of death and then we all started predicting that there might be another one a major shock going to hit us soon within a months’ time and because of which we had to take precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe.

As a first step we have been advised to move out of our homes as most of the buildings are built using big rocks and stones and due to which they are more likely to cause damage and are life threatening too. We had no other option than moving ourselves out into an open space in a small tent house. Being a child I did not understand the gravity of situation and used this opportunity to play with my friends, eat together and best part was no school and no studies. For us it was time of unlimited fun.

We spent almost a month in there and elders in the family were eagerly waiting for the day to get back to homes. We had no restriction on going out or moving around but it was a self-imposed exile that we took and stayed away from our homes.

Today we have another disaster and are in a completely different situation due to this epidemic called Covid19. This epidemic which has spread throughout the world & killed many. This time the advisory for us is to stay put ourselves at home. We have fully locked down ourselves to be safe and sound. As a grown-up individual now staying at home feels like a punishment, in spite of having so many ways and means to entertain ourselves. We have lost that ability to take things in a positive and playful manner. I am more worried about the future – Job, Economy, health, so on and so forth. Now we are all keenly waiting for things to get back to normal so that we can go out, meet friends, move around etc.

When we look at these two incidents what we realize is that the Nature is supreme, and we humans have no power or ability to win over nature. We cannot prevent neither earthquakes nor epidemics like Covid19. Today we are living in a finest era of technological innovations and advancements but still the entire human race is getting overpowered by a nano particle called Corona.

These events have also helped us to bring in positive behavioral changes – one at social level as during these crisis communities come together and help each other and foster humanity. The second one on a personal level where we are becoming more aware of importance of healthy lifestyle which is again a need of an hour.

There is more focus on food for body and food for mind (which is basically what we think). These events also proved that life is so unpredictable, and it will never happen the way we want.  Someone beautifully said that “Life is a journey filled with unexpected miracles”. Another saying goes like “Experience is a tough teacher, she gives the test first and then the lesson”. Bringing these two together we see that, we must learn the lesson when taught by the nature, at the same time nature does miracles, so stay positive and look forward for it.

The lock down has given us plenty of time to reflect on ourselves, to put in place the priorities and think about the purpose that we are living for. I am sure we all will come out of this as stronger, healthier and happier individuals!!!

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